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Autumn Leaves

I'm a member of what I've heard called "Generation Y", "The Millennials" or "Generation Why". (Admittedly, the last is my favorite).

Can you draw a conclusion? The first generation to grow up with technology and the rise of the internet. I tend to believe our use is more healthy than the this next generation, who can't get off their phones for ten seconds, given that the phones and internet have combined, and they don't even have to distract from each other. But while I don't have a tablet, or even a smartphone...

...well, yes. I spend too much time on the internet.

Living in a small town is much easier, mentally, connected to the internet. I've never been one to have all that many close friends, and none of my school friends are hear anymore. It's hard to only have good conversations in person once a month. Speaking of--another generational name is the "Boomerangs," because the economy keeps sending us back home.

The internet is an escape from that. I can talk with so many people who share my interests, and introduce me to new ones. Unlike driving, where I'm exposed to all people, and the majority are stupid: while there are, of course, more stupid people on the internet than perhaps anything else, groups of smart people have also formed their own pockets of sanity where we discuss cool things like literary critiques and Dr. Who inspired knitting. Geek crafts are the best!

Given that my time on the internet is spend on mental health, professional advancement, and education, I don't think I suffer too much. It's not like there's anything else to do. But perhaps going out for a walk while the leaves are falling might be a better way to refresh than the artificial light of the computer screen.

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