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It's autumn at home! Fall has always been my favorite season, likely because it's the shortest season in my climate.

I've lived in the high desert most of my life. We don't get many of the seasons in their proper order, though they sometimes will all show up in the same day. I loved rain here, when thunderstorms are rare and cloud cover barely lasts the day.

Fall, though, fall is easy to miss. We get some glorious color changes, to rival anything in the east, but it lasts all of a week, and never at the same time of year.

The newest trees in front of the high school have the most vibrant wine-red leaves right now, so strong they almost glow. All the cottonwood's silvered branches are shot with gold, and the apples are blushing. So much is still green, but the elms are going bald. Our marigolds still glow red and yellow and the dahlias are still showy.

Even the mornings broken clouds: all blue and grey and fawn, and only just shading the mountain rises in golden light. The day was warm but with just the hint of northern chill in the wind.

It's autumn here, and it's what I look forward to every year.

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