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You want to limit my top peeves? Because I have plenty of peeves, and they shift ranking depending on what's annoying me at any particular moment.

But at this moment, I'm not a fan of online tests taht make me feel stupid. For example, user-created Word Dynamo quizzes, on one of the dictionary websites...I may be signed up for it, but I can't even remember where it is, for starts. But then I try to answer the questions too quickly and miss the ones I know I know. Or when the words have no context: like the SAT and other high school standardized tests, I'm fully convinced they're cheating.

Oh, and Solitaire. You know, sometimes it is impossible to win, and then Microsoft tells you how dumb you are.

Second peeve at the moment: "breath" vs "breathe." One is a noun, the other a verb. And they're pronounced differently. Why are you mixing them up, online writers? So what if you're offering your work free and for fun? Also, I want to become a grocer, just to have an express lane requiring "10 items or FEWER," thank you very much.

At the moment, I don't have a third peeve. I'm in too good a mood to think of one. The door is open, wind blowing the cafe's colorful umbrella inside waving it's struts like a stick figure clinging to it's shawl in a tornado, and the sun is out, to Pink's "we fight we break up, we kiss we make up". No I don't know the title to that song.

How can you have a peeve when you can keep the door open at work to all the great big world out there?

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