Because I love to read, and it gives me such access to such a wide world.

Especially cats who don't really know they're cats. And despite their reputation, they love attention and cuddling, and, of course, they are just so eccentric.

I can talk about all sorts of niche-y type things, things that friends and family either don't know or care about, and would think me weird for even knowing. And so many people have such a great sense of humor with their intelligence online (at least on the sites I visit).

House plants
Greens and cleaner air. What's not to like?

When I manage to keep writing, I'm happier. And I get better the more I write. And my stuff is not nearly as bad as I think it is.

As above, there's such a great sense soon as I start drawing or painting. Now, it's never in advance, thinking about my art, but when I actually sit down and just start.

Especially art museums of course. For instance, it's very difficult to appreciate the modern artists through tiny reproduced in a textbook, but when you can see the brushwork...

And visiting the actual items used by people thousands and thousands of years ago. Like everyone else with an overactive, easily fired imagination (who's inspired by old things) it gives me the shivers

My mom made these orange/ricotta cheese version that was just so rich and sweet and delicious...I suppose I could call this cooking, but a representative is easier.

Early mornings
I've been waking up at six in the morning for the past few days, so I can have the house to myself for at least half-an-hour. The sky is still dark except the slight burn of gold along the mountains. It's still cold and even the animals are quiet. It's a beautiful time to work.

The dreams I remember are fascinating, and bright and beautiful and so many others have described. And then there's that moment where you can't quite remember what's real.

Exploding Head Syndrome
This is real. It means that when you're just on the edge of sleep you suddenly hear this great loud bang, usually, and it shocks you awake.

I have that. Now, it makes me happy, one, because of the name--which you can't deny is awesome. And two, it only happens occasionally, so while I get a great jolt of adrenaline and half to go double check all the house locks, I can still get back to sleep.

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